Sprint Camp Sydney

The Evolution of Design Sprints

A One Day Conference for the Design Sprint Community.

November 23rd, 2019

88 Cumberland Steet, The Rocks

The Sprint Camp Experience!

Sponsors and Partners

"..An awesome experience for Design Sprinters.."

Some of the reactions from previous attendees....

".. feeling charged to the brim after attending #designsprintcamp, learning different facilitation tactics and the 5-day design sprint framework..."

"... attending the first design sprint conference in Australia 🚀. Awesome to be a part of the growing community of design sprinters.. "

".. a wonderful experience to participate in the first Sprint Camp - The Design Sprint Unconference in Melbourne!.."

So come along to join us and meet like minded designers, hear other people's experiences, gain insights from the speakers and learn new skills through the Sprint Jam.

Sprint Camp is an event specifically crafted for the Australian Design Sprint community.

Our focus for this event is on the continued evolution of the Design Sprint approach. Hearing about successes from both smaller organisations and from larger enterprises. And hearing how to plan, organise and deliver Virtual or Remote Design Sprints!

So whether you're in a large enterprise or in a startup, you'll want to come along to Sprint Camp to get up to speed on the latest Design Sprint developments.

With a full day of interactive panel discussions, hands on workshops and case study presentations, you will gain new insights and help to build the body of knowledge around Design Sprints.
Come along and add your thoughts to those of leading contributors from Design Thinking and Innovation backgrounds and help drive the evolution and growth of the Design Sprint process and its use.
Design Sprint practitioners, as well as product managers, CX/UX designers, marketers, agile developers and newcomers to Design Sprints, will have an exceptional opportunity to come together to share experiences, exchange ideas and learn new ways of successfully delivering Design Sprints.

Thank you!

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Sprint Camp: Key Topics and Workshops

Since emerging a few years ago, the Design Sprint approach has continually evolved. From a beginning as a fantastic tool for startups and smaller companies to sharpen their product management, Design Sprints have moved to to provide a product design platform for larger enterprises with richer, more complex product suites.

In planning Sprint Camp Sydney, we've looked at how Design Sprints have changed and have chosen an array of topics to reflect the growing maturity of the approach and the wider range of environments in which Design Sprints can be successful.

To that end, we've managed to gather an exceptional group of speakers for Sprint Camp.

All have a deep expertise in building and taking products to market and they bring with them a pragmatic approach to organising and running Design Sprints.

Google Perspective

Design Sprints evolved from Google Ventures, and since those early days, Google as an organisation continues to use Design Sprints internally. We're delighted that the Google team are going to be with us to share their perspectives on current and future Design Sprints developments.

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks and Workshops covering key topics from facilitation and problem framing to how to sell the concept of Design Sprints to your management. A great chance to see and hear practitioners discuss key tools and techniques being evolved around the world.

Case Studies

Real world Case Studies from people implementing Design Sprints in their companies. Discuss with them how things went as they implemented Design Sprints, what worked for them and what didn't. Real problems and, maybe, real solutions.

Sprint Jam mini-sprint

Not just learning about the Design Sprint model but using it! Form a team, pick one of the curated social challenges (or suggest a new one on the day) and start Sprinting! An accelerated and fast paced sprint through the salient points of Design Sprints

Virtual / Remote Design Sprints

With customers and markets spread across wide geographies and the expertise that serves those customers equally spread, how might we bring those skills and insights to bear in one place in a Design Sprint?

To paraphrase David Kelley, the founder of IDEO and the Stanford d.school, "One of the tenets of Design Sprints and the way we do things is radical collaboration among people from different disciplines, different contexts, and stakeholders both inside and outside of the company. It's inherently an open process.”

The challenge from management centres both around the costs of bringing people together and the time spent out of office and traveling.

One solution to address this; organising and running Virtual or Remote Design Sprints.

We have scheduled a unique session, with contributors from around the globe, to share case studies, facilitation insights and the latest in supporting platforms to show how to successfully jump start your efforts to run Virtual or Remote Design Sprints.

Sprint Camp: Outline Schedule

9:15amIntroductions and welcomeAndrew May
9:30amGoogle PerspectiveKai Haley, Head of Google Design Relations
10:15amEnterprise Design SprintsTom Richardson, APAC MD InVision
11:00am Break 
11:30am Case Study: Global Virtual Design SprintGVDS Team
12:00amRunning your own Virtual SprintGVDS Team
12:30am Lunch 
1:30pm Parallel StreamsLightning Talks in Main Area, Sprint Jam in Breakout Area
1:30pmStream #1 Sprint JamMultiple Facilitators
1:30pmStream #2 Lightning Talks, Facilitate Like A Boss, Live Case Studies, Integration with DevOps, Selling to ManagementIBM, Qantas, GetAgile, Hello Again, Naked Ambition
3:00pm Break 
4:30pmAMA with Expert PanelAsk the Panel anything to do with Design Sprints
5:15pmConference Close 


Kai Haley, Google

Kai is an experienced leader in the Design and Innovation Industry, focused on developing vision, strategy and launches for both Google product teams and it’s top partners. She leads the Design Relations team at Google, which supports design excellence for designers and developers building on Google's platforms. As one of the founders and leads of the Google Sprint Master Academy, she has trained over 800 Sprint Masters to drive innovation across Google’s diverse product areas. She is passionate about creating and teaching human-centered methodologies that increase cross-functional collaboration to create more meaningful products that improve people’s lives and the world. Prior to founding the Design Relations team, she applied her UX expertise to create monetization opportunities in Google search for the Search Ads Team. She earned a Masters Degree in Design from CCA, where she focused sustainable design practices and creating positive impact in the world.

Tom Richardson, InVision

Tom is privileged to lead the great InVision team in Asia-Pacific, responsible for Sales, Customer Success, Account Management and Business Development across the region. Today, 6,000 customers across APAC use InVision to design, build and scale their digital products. Globally, InVision has more than 5 million users and 60,000 customers - including 100% of the Fortune 100. Amazon, AirBnB, Uber, Slack, Netflix and Starbucks all use InVision to build products that people use and love every day.

Loletta Cheng, Qantas

Loletta is an Experience/Service Designer and a registered psychologist, currently working at Qantas in Sydney. She has a master’s in organisational psychology, is passionate about uncovering the reasons why people behave the way they do and enjoys the enlightenment moments in the research process. She has 5 years of experience in user research and UX design, has worked as a mentor at Academy Xi Sydney and has delivered UX training, coaching and mentoring programs for clients from a range of industries, including banking, entertainment and NFPs

Bella Bain, IBM iX Studio

Bella Bain is the Sydney iX Studio Lead and Managing Designer, who creates award winning work with commercial clients, public institutions and international festivals. Her background in design and computing enables her to push both creative and technical boundaries resulting in beautiful, innovative solutions that work. She’s has worked with clients internationally across 8 countries with wide industry experience, spanning Financial Services, Banking and Utilities.

Stella Drivas, IBM iX Studio

Stella loves solving problems by design. For her, the formula for this is utility, perspective and aesthetic. But she doesn’t start here; her clients’ needs come first. Their point of view, their journey, their vision is where she begins. It’s here where creativity meets functionality. The result? An emotive experience that brings together the magic of the virtual and physical worlds to drive action.
A certified IBM Design Thinking coach, she’s helped organisations to define their CX strategy, set up their Design Chapters and unify their design practice across business units.She’s worked with clients such as Vodafone and Woodside and has a wide industry experience, spanning Financial Services, Utilities and Government

Allannah Rodrigues, GetAgile

Allannah has over 15 years experience working with all things digital. She is an experienced enterprise agile coach and change consultant and has been involved in leading large scale agile transformations both locally and abroad. She has a background in project management, business operations and digital product design and has successfully built and led high performance teams.

Diego Trigo, Hello Again

In 2018 Diego moved to Byron Bay in order to join a start-up as CTO, while building a “dream-team” product team to implement it. He previously held executive roles for top 3 global digital agencies across Sydney and Melbourne, leading product development and innovation projects for some of the biggest brands on the planet, after working for many years at mighty telcos/banks overseas.

The experience building digital products from inside big corporations, agency side for clients, and start-ups, made it clear for him how important it is to validate an idea before going into full build mode. That’s why he started Hello Again. Applying a 4 days Design Sprint, Hello Again helps businesses to fast-forward into the future and validate ideas without spending all the time and money on the wrong product

Fiona Triaca, Naked Ambition

Fiona Triaca is the CEO and Founder of Naked Ambition, a design-led innovation company. Together with her team - she works with some of Australia’s largest and most forward thinking companies to develop new products and services and build innovation capability in their people.

Naked Ambition are a team of strategists, experience and service designers, researchers, UX-ers and visual storytellers who are passionate about creating a better world – by building a new generation of innovators

Global Virtual Design Sprint Team

Robert Skrobe, Dallas Design Sprints

Robert Skrobe is the organizer of the Global Virtual Design Sprint and the authority on virtual workshopping. He's also the person behind Dallas Design Sprints, Alden's Amazing Roblox Review and Sprint Questions. When he's not trying to find time during the day for an occasional nap, Robert takes care of his family in Irving, Texas.



Lee Duncan, IBM

Lee Duncan is an Enterprise Design Sprint Leader at IBM. Over his 20 year career he's helped support an experimental Model Office that reimagined default ways of working, such as scaling virtual design sprints. Lee has also designed solutions in Security, Acquisitions, Analytics and Blockchain—providing an enduring impact to company success.
This October he was recognized with an International Stevie Award in Vienna, Austria for his work with Miracle (non-profit), Chainyard, and IT People Corporation that created new Blockchain Technology for Disaster Relief.
Lee's most recent work has helped launch an Enterprise Design Sprint practice within Design to Deliver (D2D), an IBM internal design agency focused on transformation.

He believes humor, kindness and innovation can change the world.

Mark Tippin, Mural

Mark Tippin is a noted author, speaker and instructor in Remote Collaboration, Human-centered Design and Visual Facilitation. He is currently the Head of Services at MURAL.co as well as a Lead Instructor with LUMA Institute. Mark has led design teams and facilitated transformation events with enterprise clients including Autodesk, Netflix, IBM and All Nippon Airways.

Lindsey Eatough, Mural

Using technology to transform and improve day-to-day life is Lindsey's passion. As the Lead Enterprise Transformation Manager at MURAL, Lindsey creates the strategy on how the growing SaaS company interacts with their largest enterprise customers, including IBM, Capital One, Accenture, Emerson and Fidelity Investments. Lindsey started her career at Deloitte Consulting working on global SAP transformation projects for Consumer Products and Finance giants like Heinz, Kraft & Wells Fargo. In 2015, Lindsey moved over to start ups to adapt her knowledge of large enterprises to early stage companies. Lindsey's primary goal is to innovate the way that company's transform their employee collaboration through using technology and evolving behavioral skill-sets.

Sandy Lam

Sandy is an award-winning Product Designer and Certified Design Sprint Facilitator, based in Germany. She has studied + worked in several countries, which allows her to work with global teams effectively. One of her main foci is on designing + facilitating workshops to solve problems creatively - but in structured ways. She was most recently voted as the Most Valuable Practitioner of the 2019 Global Virtual Design Sprint.

Andrew May, Founder, Sprint Camp

Steve Jobs once famously said "..start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.." which pretty much sums the philosophy that has driven my career.

My background stretches from software developer & business analyst, through product management, marketing, strategy & consulting to helping found and lead digital startups. Working with organisations in Europe, US and Asia/Pacific and with a deep insight into the dynamic tension that exists between business needs and development methods, I completely grasp the importance of design thinking and design sprints and the real benefits they can bring to both large and small companies.


Elena Sanchez, Co-Founder, Sprint Camp

UX Design Lead at MYOB
Elena Sanchez is a UX design lead at MYOB, Google Expert in UX/Product Strategy and Certified Design Sprint Master based in Melbourne (Australia).
She is passionate about design leadership, building more human-centred organisations and fostering collaboration across different disciplines. She has more than 9 years of experience working in UX across Europe, the US and Australia. She received a master’s degree in human-computer interaction in 2010, has participated in HCI research projects, enjoys teaching UX courses, workshops, and often speaks at UX events and conferences.
Elena has brought her considerable skills to bear to help turn Sprint Camp from a concept into a reality.